Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shelving - Bookshelves

Photo Essay – Shelving/Bookshelves

Shelving, particularly bookshelves, in an individual’s home are deemed a very mundane object in their everyday surroundings. Due to the constant unchanging nature of this common fixture in a persons home, it is typically overlooked. The intention behind this photo essay is to “preserve moments in time” (Murray, 2008, pp. 154) showing a beauty that these objects possess. Shelving, especially bookshelves are known as an everyday aesthetic as they “contain a type of liveness in its initial appearance” (Murray, 2008, pp. 157) which is quickly lost, as it becomes a constant element in a room. The photographs in this video are an attempt at portraying the simple beauty that can be found in a simple bookshelf.

In an attempt at retaining the simple beauty of these bookshelves, the editing choices made for each photograph was done so aiming to highlight the beauty they poses. The colour saturation, temperature and tints used during the editing process were chosen in order to re-enchant the viewer with these mundane objects.

However, there is no intentional “narrative coherence” (Murray, 2008, pp. 155) as the main focus of this project was in the creation and compilation, or as Murray states “a fascination with the process of compilation and comparison” (2008, pp. 155) of the final video.

Murray, S., 2008, 'Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics', Journal of Visual Culture August 2008, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 147-163.
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