Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Photo essay of light and power switches

Photography of everyday aesthetics focuses on capturing every day objects, which may otherwise go unnoticed.  Murray (2008) discusses that such photography engages with these mundane, common elements of our lives as opposed to “special or rarefied moments”.

‘Switched On’ reflects this concept through the capturing of various images of light and power switches. The importance of these switches in our daily lives is easily overlooked as a part of the every day experience. These initially unremarkable images display essential parts of accessing power throughout our lives.

This photo essay begins by displaying simple, singular switches and moves through multiple-switch boards towards larger power boards. The building progression of intensity of the images symbolizes the growing expansion of electricity from switch to power. Throughout the compilation of images for this essay, we became increasingly aware of the variety of switch designs, realizing the vast array of ignored aesthetics that surrounded us.

The essay takes viewers on a visual journey to appreciate the unobserved, everyday objects that the contemporary practice of photography is beginning to capture more and more.

Steph Bissett (42873827) & Georgia Turner (42858100)

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